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Experience the Magic of Our Photo Booth Stations for Tampa FL

When was the last time you paid to have your picture taken in a photo booth? Was it at the mall? An amusement park? The zoo? All of these locations are great places to make and capture memories. But have you ever wished you could experience the fun of a photo booth at a personal event? Well, now you can! With our photo booth stations for Tampa FL, you can bring that same magic to many more destinations.

What Our Selfie Station Kit Includes

Whether you are hosting a corporate or entertainment event, a photo booth can add some extra excitement to your occasion. And when you use our photo booth stations for Tampa FL, you will find no shortage of beautiful backdrops, props and filters to keep the guests entertained for hours on end. See below for a more in-depth description of each.

  • Beautiful Backdrops – If you’ve ever had your picture taken by a professional photographer, then you already know who important backdrops are. Not only do they block out anything you don’t want in your photo, but they also help establish the overall aesthetic. Thus, when you rent a photo booth from us, we’ll provide you with a wide array of backdrops you can use to help set the mood. And if you don’t see what you want in our inventory, let us know! We can help build something that better suits your style.
  • Props to Play the Part – In addition to our Selfie Station’s beautiful backdrops, our booth also comes with a prop kit to help break the ice. From hats to goofy glasses to boas and more, your guests can have fun dressing up and pretending to play the part.
  • Filters for Every Occasion – No photo would be complete without a filter to enhance the image. Luckily, our Selfie Station comes with several fun overlays. Black & white, sepia, cartoon, sketch, Warhol, night vision—these are just a few of the options to choose from. Moreover, our photo booth station also features drawing tools, so individuals can doodle over the image and decorate it to their liking.

The Party Favor Your Guests Won’t Forget

Once your guests have perfected their picture, they can print it out to keep forever. Our photo booth also has options for email, text, Facebook and Twitter, so individuals can easily share their photos online. If you are using Selfie Station as part of a product launch or fundraising event, this is an excellent way to raise awareness. And since our booth saves every picture in the system, you get to walk away with several new photos and prospects.

Two women in front of an ocean sunset scene. Taken by one of our Photo Booth Stations for Tampa FL

360 RevoSpin: The Premiere Video Experience

In addition to our Selfie Station, we also have a photo booth that captures video footage from all angles. This device, composed of a low-profile platform and a selfie stick that swivels around, is perfect for parties, formal functions and various entertainment events. Call to choose from two different enclosure options!

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Are you interested in learning more about our photo booth stations for Tampa FL? Call us at (813) 767-0799. Or, if you are ready to rent, request availability through our online form. We are located at 4532 W Kennedy Blvd#266, Tampa, FL 33609. We proudly serve Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Trinity, Wesley Chapel, Miami and everywhere in between!