Photo Booth Stations Orlando FL
A group of friends posing in front of a sparkly blue background. Photo taken by one of our Photo Booth Stations in Orlando FL

Preserve all Your Favorite Memories with Our Photo Booth Stations in Orlando FL

Dances, charity fundraisers and entertainment events—if you are hosting any of these activities, you’ll likely want to capture them on camera. That way, you can have something to post on social media or look back on later. But being so concerned about snapping pictures can sometimes take away from the overall experience. Thankfully, there is a way you can capture the moment and feel like you are getting the most out of your event. And that’s by renting one of our photo booth stations for Orlando FL. When you do so, you get quality photos and footage of your event while still having time to actively engage with your guests. Now that’s what we call a win-win!

360° of Fun

At Tampa Selfie LLC, we strive to make every party, corporate and entertainment event a memorable experience. We offer two different photo booths for rent. The first is our 360 RevoSpin—a device comprised of a low-profile platform and a selfie stick that swivels around it. This technologically advanced booth fits up to three people comfortably and delivers ultra-smooth 360 video footage.

Orlando’s Best Boothless Photo Booth

The second photo booth we have for rent is our Selfie Station. This boothless photo booth includes several unique features, including fun filters, frames and beautiful backdrops. Each of these booths also comes with it’s own assistant, options for personalized branding and video messaging, as listed below.

  • Professional & Friendly Staff – Unlike traditional photo booths, ours come accompanied by a friendly staff member who will assist in set up and takedown. They will also stand nearby to answer any questions your guests may have so that you can enjoy your event to its fullest.
  • Personalized Branding – Need a photo booth for a corporate event? Our Selfie Station lets you add a logo to each photo. Or, if you’d like to leave a special message to your guests, you can do that too!
  • Memorable Video Messages – At Tampa Selfie LLC, we know that photos aren’t the only way to capture and preserve a memory. Thus, our photo booth stations for Orlando FL also come equipped with video messaging options. This feature is a great way to collect 10-second toasts and product endorsements from your guests.
Seven women posing in front of one of our Photo Booth Stations for Orlando FL. Photo includes fun party props in front of a wine glass background.

More Information

Get your party started with one of our photo booth stations for Orlando FL. To learn more about our rental options, call (813) 767-0799. Or, to place an order today, request availability through our online form. We are located at 4532 W Kennedy Blvd #266, Tampa, FL 33609 and we proudly serve the surrounding areas.