Photo Booth Rental Orlando FL
A classroom of kids using a Photo Booth Rental in Orlando FL to take a funny picture.

Wow Your Guests with a Photo Booth Rental in Orlando FL

When it comes to planning parties, corporate or entertainment events, one of the most difficult things to figure out is how to entertain your guests. Especially if you are dealing with a large age range or diverse group of people, it can be challenging to find something that will interest everybody. Luckily, Tampa Selfie LLC has just the thing: photo booths equipped with professional lighting, fun features and options for social sharing. Invest in a photo booth rental for Orlando FL today, and your guests will be entertained for hours on end!

Beat the Boredom with our 360 RevoSpin

Tampa Selfie LLC currently rents out two different photo booth models: a rotating video platform known as 360 RevoSpin and a boothless photo booth appropriately called a Selfie Station. The former captures professional, high-quality videos and gives users options to share straight to their social accounts. It is ideal for various events, including dances, festivals and themed parties.

3 Things to Love About Our Selfie Station

If you favor photos over video footage, then our Selfie Station is the product for you. It comes equipped with fun filters, frames and a prop kit for all to enjoy. Some other things to love about our photo booth rental for Orlando FL are as follows:

  • Space to Snap the Perfect Picture – How many times have you got your picture taken in a photo booth and wished there was more space for friends and family? This is a common issue with traditional photo booths, but not with ours! Our Selfie Station stands alone. So you no longer have to cram into a small space just to get a good picture. Moreover, since our booths come without walls, you can have more room for additional people, props and fun poses.
  • Simple Options for Sending & Sharing – Sharing and sending pictures from a photo booth has never been easier than with a Selfie Station from Tampa Selfie LLC. After you’ve filtered, framed and edited your photo to your liking, you can forward the picture to your phone via email or text. Or, if you want to show everyone what you’ve been up to, you can post directly to Facebook and Twitter. The choice is yours!
  • Access to All Your Photos – Our photo booths double as a data collection center, meaning that all the photos taken on our device are yours when the day ends. Download your favorites from our online gallery and then use them to create a social post, photo album or greeting card for your friends.
Three girl's posing in front of a tye-dye background using a Photo Booth Rental in Orlando FL

Find Out More!

Give your guests an experience they can enjoy and something to remember the day by. For more information on our photo booth rental for Orlando FL, call  (813) 767-0799. Or, to request a quote, submit your information through our online form. We are based out of Tampa, FL, and proudly serve the surrounding areas and Miami.