360 RevoSpin
360 RevoSpin

360 RevoSpin: The Photo Booth for Every Event

Are you looking for something that will really wow your guests at your next event? The 360 RevoSpin can take any occasion to the next level. Highly regarded as one of the hottest photo booths on the market, this portable, low-profile machine captures crisp video footage of your guests. What makes this station really special, though, is the way it works. As the name suggests, this system shoots footage from all angles, offering your guests a video experience they can’t get anywhere else. Make your next school, corporate or entertainment event unforgettable by renting one today!

How It Works

The 360 RevoSpin is simple to set up and even easier to use. All one has to do is stand on a small platform while a selfie stick rotates around the system. While it moves, the camera captures high-quality video content that users can then share to the social platform of their choice. This feature is beneficial to both guests and hosts because it gives users something to remember the day by while also bringing awareness to the event. Moreover, the system’s ultra-smooth video capabilities give the video a polished and professional look.

Available Enclosures

Part of giving your guests that unparalleled experience is providing them with a well-lit, clutter-free setting to record their video. Fortunately, we also rent out enclosures rigged with professional lighting. We currently carry the following models:

  • Inflatable LED 360 Photo Booth Enclosure – The first enclosure option we offer is an inflatable that comes equipped with three sets of LED lights. This option is ideal for venues with poor lighting or busy backgrounds. And since the enclosure is highly portable, you can feel free to shift or move it around as your event requires.
  • The Apex Light 360 Photo Booth Enclosure – The other enclosure option we have available consists of four stand-alone panels. Each of these panels is rigged with multi-colored LED lights designed to highlight everyone’s best features. Like our inflatable option, this enclosure is lightweight and therefore easy to set up, take down and transport. Call to get yours today!

Contact Us

Give your guests the gift of endless entertainment. Call us at 813-767-0799 to rent a 360 RevoSpin today. Or, to learn about our other photo booth option, check out our Selfie Station page. We are based out of Tampa/Miami, FL, and proudly serve the surrounding cities.